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(In Response To Prompt #1)

My dear, what classifies as a "day off" in your miniscule mind? While I cannot speak for anyone else, I must say that I do enjoy my line of work. Try to wrap your pathetic little brain around this concept, if you will -- My research and experimentations are the reasons for my very existance. You see, all that I own revolves around this very factor. I have spent many a year establishing my foundations in this world, and crave for more. Yes, I have heard people address me as both "power hungry" and "blood thirsty," although I have not a concern for their opinions? If I had ever once given a damn, I would have asked for their feeble consent years ago. I only desire what rightfully should be mine.

Not to mention that my line of work allows me to stay at home, where it's peacefully queit may I add. I leave the dirty work up to my bumbling agents, for if I had to work by their sides I may just have to murder them. Viciously. Though, the thought does tickle my fancy and strike a smile across my face! Come to think of it, the only agent who's presence I can actually tolerate is my scarlet punisher -- The mysterious and enticing Ada Wong. I can forgive her personal agenda on the mere fact that she is the only person with a clear sense of intelligence. If only Birkin had been so graceful with his insight, perhaps the brilliant man would still be alive to this day.

Now, you must excuse me, my Hunters need their nightly feedings.
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