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(In response to prompt #1)

What do I do on my day off? Well, not that I can say I know for sure, because I... Well... I generally can't remember... BUT! I know that I always spend the afternoon drinking a lot of Green Envy! Play a bit of cards, harrass my crew a little, and if I'm lucky I get to see Cale show a little skin. Yeah, so what? I'm lazy. But ya know what? That's my day off where I can just kick back and relax! Nothing better than to spend a day intoxicated and watching the stars drift by, right?


Okay. So maybe I have a drinking problem, but it's not easy always having the Drej breathing down your neck. I would've have been a dead man years ago if I hadn't agreed to find that damned Titan A.E. It's killing me that I'll eventually have to betray Cale and others for my own personal gain... But this is the future. You gotta take what can you when you can get it. With the Drej, there really is no other option. They want to eliminate all humans so they fear the thought of our planet being reborn. I'm the closest link to that ship and Cale's even closer.

So yeah, I drink. Better than thinking about the fact I live in fear.

::takes a shot::
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