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Cedaridge City

The City Of Faces

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Cedaridge City, located within Canada nearly an hour away from Sunderland County. Famous for its bizarre rumors and less than average citizens, it has been nicknamed the City Of Faces. Immensely populated, Cedaridge offers refuge to those who wish to escape their lives and start fresh once again. While stories about Cedaridge may seem farfetched, the city is just as average as any other. Feel free to to take a tour of any of the local apartment complexes to find a home you like!

This city is for your writing muse. You will find that there are four forms of roleplaying here.

1) Third person interaction - While being the most common method of roleplaying, this is where you can take your claimed characters and roleplay actual events within Cedaridge City. You may interact with other characters as long as their creative writers agree. Whether the material is action, drama or plain conversational within a bar, you are physically moving your character in what may be referred to as "real time."

2) Journal Entries - These should be posted on the community and not in your journal. This is where you allow your character to flow from your fingers freely onto the keyboard to express his/her thoughts. These entries can generally be about any aspect you want to talk about regarding the character from their own POV. For example, you may write about what is happening in their current series and how the character feels about what they are going through. Another great example is writing a post regarding a bad fanfiction you recently had read, and then act as if the character has been insulted by it.

3) Prompts - Every once in a milennia few days or so, one of the mods will post an optional prompt in which you can choose as many characters you want to reply with. These are answered by leaving comments on the the prompt posts themselves. The prompts are to boost your creativity and allow you to really explore your claimed characters. You do not need to answer a prompt with every character you have claimed, after all the prompts are optional.

4) Commenting - This should be a given, but allow your characters to interact outside of third-person roleplaying! Have your character leave comments on other characters journal entries and prompts! Quite simple.

You are welcome to apply for five characters upon joining the community. If you are loyal to the community, you will be allowed the option to claim one additional character every other week. Look below for character application information after reading the rules.

With this said and done, welcome to Cedaridge City!

[x] No godmodding. It's tres lame and tends to take some of the fun out of the game.
[x] Perfect grammar and spelling does not exist, but you're expected to have a decent grasp of the English language.
[x] Before you hit that "update journal" button, remember to preview and spell-check your post.
[x] Although this is an AU game, you're expected to keep your character in character. Changes can and will happen, sure, but they will not happen over night. While we're on that note, your straight character will not become INSTA-GAY upon entering Cedaridge.
[x] No original characters.
[x] No drama. Please bring any problems to a moderator. We all want to have a good time here!
[x] Offer constructive criticism either on the OOC community or by contacting the writer/roleplayer; do not post about it in the main community.


(Such as G, PG, PG-13, R)

Application Process:
To apply for a character, you must first join cedaridge_ooc. After you're accepted, fill out the application below and post it to the community (under an LJ cut), with "Application", followed by your character's name in the subject line.


RP experience:

Character LJ:
Sample post (For third-person roleplaying):

Slade Wilson/Deathstroke [xxdeathstrokexx]
Stephanie Brown/Robin IV [busty_robin]
Dick Grayson/Nightwing [robin_at_flight]

Buffy The Vampire Slayer:
Dawn Sumemrs [nibblet_dawn]

Final Fantasy:
Seifer Almasy (FF8) [journal pending]
Zell Dincht (FF8) [ehrgeiz_rush]
Rufus ShinRa (FF7) [rufus_j_shinra]

Kingdom Hearts:
Axel [journal pending]

Resident Evil:
Albert Wesker [malevolenteyes]
Steve Burnside [insurgence]
William Birkin [chemicalbreed]
Ada Wong [scarlet_lies]

Silent Hill:
Henry Townshend [sleeponstones]

Titan A.E.:
Joseph Korso [desolatecaptain]

Mr. Macphisto (Bono/U2) [sympathy_please]

If you have any questions, comments or problems, please address one of the following mods:

dantekirsei -- Ryan, Head mod ( fearixwolfgang@hotmail.com)
contingence -- Kris, Co-mod ( falling-feathers@hotmail.com)
[NOTE;she posts here as robin_at_flight]